Sleep laboratory

The Sleep Laboratory is equipped with facilities designed for 24-hour circadian and sleep studies, longer duration circadian and sleep deprivation investigations, daytime and overnight assessments, as well as clinical studies.


  • Four individual rooms for monitoring patients in controlled conditions (e.g. light, temperature, external time cues) while keeping contact through a system of cameras and intercoms
  • Stick-on electrodes to record patient brain activity during sleep and wake
  • Ambulatory core body temperature monitoring system in the form of an ingestible pill that wirelessly reports data back to a computer
  • 24-hour hormone monitoring system where the amounts of circadian hormones melatonin and cortisol are detected from patients’ saliva samples
  • Psychomotor vigilance task to assess patient alertness over time, a neurocognitive measure
  • Driving simulator
  • Neuropsychological assessments to test memory, attention and executive functions
  • Actigraphy watches to record long-term sleep-wake patterns in a person’s home environment and assess adherence and therapeutic gains linked to prescribed interventions
  • Light monitors that project bright light onto the patient to treat circadian problems and depression