Cancers of the brain

Brain cancers are some of the most aggressive forms of cancer. Glioma is the most common type of brain tumour. Despite recent therapeutic advances, patients with diffuse gliomas have an overall poor outcome and will ultimately die of the disease.

By understanding how glioma forms and progresses, we hope to provide new insights into novel therapies and close in on strategies for detection of glioma in its earliest stages.

Researchers in the Molecular Neuropathology Program, led by Clinical Associate Professor Michael Buckland are investigating the mechanisms by which gliomas form and progress.

Researchers in the Brain Tumour Research Program, led by Professor Manuel Graeber are focussed on the brain’s defence mechanisms against growing brain tumours.

The Brain and Mind Centre hosts the RPA Department of Neuropathology and the Multiple Sclerosis Brain Bank.

These facilities bring together world-class neurology researchers at the Brain and Mind Centre, the University of Sydney, and the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and provide opportunities for translational neurology research, training and clinical services unparalleled anywhere in Australia.