Imaging Physics

Researchers in the Imaging Physics Program develop imaging technologies that enable them and their collaborators to test new drugs and interventions for a wide variety of brain disorders, including dementia, mood disorders and brain cancers. Their work studies the use and development of advanced technology and computational techniques to non-invasively track the movement of radiopharmaceuticals in the body.

Key Collaborators

  • ANSTO LifeSciences
  • Children’s Hospital at Westmead
  • Forschungszentrum, Jülich, Germany
  • Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA
  • Johns Hopkins University, USA
  • Katholieke Universiteit (KU), Leuven, Belgium
  • National University of Singapore, Singapore
  • National Imaging Facility
  • University of California Davis, USA
  • University College London, England
  • University of Queensland
  • University of Wollongong
  • Westmead Hospital, Departments of Nuclear Medicine, Medical Physics, and Radiology
  • Yale University, USA

Research facilities

At Westmead Hospital, Department of Medical Physics:

  • Siemens mCT ToF PET/CT scanner
  • Siemens Symbia T16 SPECT/CT scanners