Brain and Mind Centre’s multidisciplinary research aims to set new standards in brain and mind sciences both in Australia and internationally. The Centre is dedicated to finding solutions that will lead to generational change.

Home to more than 500 academic, clinical and professional staff and students, our approach is based on the active collaboration of researchers from basic through to translational and clinical brain and mind sciences, students, patients and front-line carers.

Our research is advancing understanding of diseases of the brain and mind including child development (eg autism), youth mental health (eg schizophrenia, depression, and addiction and substance misuse) and healthy brain ageing (Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and motor neurone disease).

The themes underpinning and defining our outputs are:

  • Building and sustaining a healthy brain and mind
  • Control of one’s thoughts and actions
  • Maximising the social and economic participation of those affected by diseases of the brain and mind.

Projects extend from investigating the foundations of neurobiology and brain development to pursuing novel pharmacological and lifestyle interventions for a range of debilitating conditions.

Our research teams draw on the University of Sydney’s existing strengths in health, science, psychology, engineering, and information technology, but also increasingly from other key social domains in ethics, law, philosophy, economics, education, workplace structure and social organisation.

This approach allows us to have a transformational impact on some of society’s biggest health issues by creating the potential for unexpected discoveries, opening doors to new research opportunities, attracting new external partnerships, and delivering outcomes for the benefit of the world.