What your donation could be used for

We make sure that your generosity makes a difference to the lives of people affected by disorders of the brain and mind.

Every cent of every dollar you donate goes towards our programs. Nothing is taken out for administration or fundraising.

Some examples of how your donation might be used

$5 gives a researcher enough pairs of fresh gloves for a day of laboratory investigations into substance abuse and addiction so their experiments are not compromised by environmental contaminants

$35 gives one young person access to specialist mental health services at headspace

$150 gives a neuropsychological assessment to a participant in a study to better understand sleep problems and how they contribute to depression and mild cognitive impairment

$750 gives one MRI scan for a participant in a study looking at the effectiveness of brain training to prevent memory loss in people at risk of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and related dementias and gives that person useful information on the health of their brain

$15,000 gives funds to run a pilot study investigating anything from youth mental health, to multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease. Pilot studies provide the foundations for seeking a more significant funding commitment from the government but are often difficult to fund.

$100,000 gives funds to investigate a key molecular pathway involved in brain development, essential for understanding why some people develop mental illness and others don’t

$2 million gives funds to establish a new Professorial Chair in Maternal and Infant Mental Health