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The journal Abacus was launched in 1965 by the Sydney University Press with Emeritus Professor RJ Chambers as founding editor. Over more than forty years, Abacus has been recognized as a significant international journal devoted to the publication of scholarly papers in accounting finance and business studies. In 1989, under the editorship of Professor MC Wells, the Accounting Foundation became the publisher of the journal in conjunction with Basil Blackwell, Oxford. That 21 year partnership continues unbroken.

The journal is now the forth oldest international accounting academic journal. It continues under the editorship of Professor Stewart Jones ranked among the top international accounting journals.

In 2013, the total number of Abacus article downloads increased by 15% and exceeded 144,000.Current Abacus content was available in 3,635 institutions, and is now available in 5217 institutions in the developing world via philanthropic initiatives.

The 2011 Abacus Impact Factor (released in 2012) was 0.86, ranking the journal 42 of 86 in the Business, Finance subject category. The top downloaded article for 2013 was "The Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM): The History of a Failed Revolutionary Idea in Finance by Mike Dempsey published in 2013 (vol 49 issue S1).

Sydney Accounting Classics

The Accounting Foundation sponsored in 2006 the reprinting of a series entitled Accounting Classics. These works are considered important contributions to accounting though and literature and helped to add to the stature and reputation of the discipline of accounting in the Faculty and the University. The works will be 'published on demand' in small quantities through the Sydney University Press.

The titles published to date are: