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Our Experts

The University of Sydney Business School boasts some of the leading academics and experts in business from around the world. Our Opinion Box provides an outlet for them to offer their insight into the world of business news and issues. To see what our thought leaders are talking about today, visit the Opinion Box.

Kai Reimer

Associate Professor Kai Riemer discusses the Business School's research into digital disruption. Learn more at DISRUPT.SYDNEY on 26 September, an event to explore the nature and implications of Digital Disruption from multiple angles.

Eric Knight

Dr Eric Knight's latest book, Why We Argue About Climate Change, takes on one of the most contentious policy issues in Australia and in international politics. He discusses what he believes to be at the heart of the debate, and the critical role of entrepreneurs and small businesses in the solution.

Rico Merkert

Dr Rico Merkert, Senior Lecturer in Aviation Management at the Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies, discusses the announcement of a second Sydney airport in Badgerys Creek.

Find more Experts

Members of the media are encouraged to speak to the Business School's considerable pool of expert talent. To find an expert on any topic, please visit the University of Sydney Find an Expert page, or contact the University Media Office.

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