Recently Completed PhD Theses

Candidate Thesis Title Abstract Completed Supervisor
Anna Young On trying to make investment responsible: an analysis of integrating environmental, social, and corporate governance issues into institutional investment processes Available 2013 Prof John Roberts;
Dr Christina Boedker
Ronia Ram Development of the International Financial Reporting Standard for Small and Medium-sized Entities Available 2012 Prof Sue Newberry
Matthew Egan Water management and accounting change: a study of food and beverage producing organisations Available 2012 Assoc Prof Geoff Frost
John Milne The Political Processes and Role Of Gatekeepers in Setting Accounting Standards for Agriculture Available 2012 Prof Bob Walker
Henry Leung Security Analysts? Earnings Forecasts: Distributions Normality and a Comparative Analysis of Fitted Distribution Types in the Development of a Surrogate Consensus Available 2011 Assoc Prof Philip Lee
Vijaya Murthy Narratives on managerial mobilisation of Non-financial Performance Information in a financial institution Available 2011 Prof James Guthrie
James Gifford Effective shareholder engagement Available 2010 Prof Stewart Jones
Subhash Abhayawabsa Sell-side analysts' use and communication of intellectual capital information Available 2010 Prof James Guthrie
Suzanne Ryan Academic Business: Tensions between academic values and corporatisation of Australian higher education in graduate schools fo business Available 2009 Prof James Guthrie
Sandra van der Laan An Inefficient Deregulatory Initiative: The Australian Class Order Deed of Cross Guarantee Available 2009 Prof Graeme Dean; Prof Stewart Jones; Dr Demetris Christodoulou
Linda English Public Private Partnerships: Modernisation in the Australian Public Sector Available 2008 Prof James Guthrie; Sue Newberry
John Dumay Intellectual capital in action: Australian studies Available 2008 Prof James Guthrie
Laurence Lock Lee Corporate Social Capital and Firm Performance in the Global Information Technology Services Sector Available 2008 Prof James Guthrie
Isabel Gordon A Comparative Study of Pension Accounting in Australia and the USA: Applying the "Economic Substance Over Legal Form" Principle Available 2007 Prof James Guthrie
Robyn Pilcher Examining the Usefulness of Transport Infrastructure Accounting in Local Authorities Available 2006 Prof Graeme Dean
John Staunton Exiting Intellectual Grooves in the Reporting of Liabilities Available 2006 Prof Graeme Dean