Alumni Profile - Benjamin Simsa (MMgt (CEMS) '12)))

Echo Xie

Name: Benjamin Simsa

Current Position, Organisation: Search Quality Associate, Google Ireland Ltd

Describe yourself in 3 words: inquisitive, ambitious, consideratel

Nationality/cultural identity: Austrian

Languages spoken: German /English

Countries lived/worked in: Austria, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, Ireland

Daily website 'favourites':

Linkedin Profile: Benjamin Simsa

Why did you choose to study at the University of Sydney Business School?

The program was an amazing opportunity for me to learn about management at some of the world¿¿¿s leading institutions in the field, while being exposed to an international environment both personally and professionally.

What was the best part of studying the Master of Management (CEMS)/CEMS MIM program.

As much as I benefitted from the programs high level education, the most impactful aspect of the program to me was the network of bright minds I had the privilege to engage with and the corporate networking opportunities I had the chance to pursue.

Briefly describe your CEMS exchange experience

My exchange experience included a semester in Canada and one in Switzerland, extending my international studies to two further continents. The two semesters abroad were a crucial aspect of my education as well as personal development and included most diverse challenges such as a business project with a Canadian medical start-up and a project with a Swiss agricultural machinery manufacturer.

What was the most challenging aspect of your CEMS exchange experience?

On a professional level it was the workload of some of the courses in combination with the large teams we often had to work in. This was a challenge as much as it was an essential lesson for my later professional life. On a personal level it was learning how to build meaningful relationships in a period mostly limited to four/five months and moving on while maintaining a strong network as part of an international life.

What was the highlight of your CEMS exchange experience?

For me, the highlight was the international exposure and working with people from so many different countries and cultures.

How has completing the Master of Management (CEMS)/CEMS MIM at the University of Sydney Business School changed you both professionally and personally?

It has shown me how ambitious goals, hard work and a strong network can lead to amazing outcomes and how well coordinated teamwork can combine diverse knowledge and realize outstanding synergies.

What business person inspired you most?

What have you done since graduating?

Since graduating in 2011/12 I have worked as part of an international online start-up and recently joined Google as Search Quality Associate at its EU headquarters in Ireland. I also used the time before starting my full time role to travel and reunite with friends and colleagues of my CEMS network.

What does being a Master of Management (CEMS)/CEMS MIM alumnus mean to you?

It means being part of a unique group of people with ambitious goals and careers as much as it means having close colleagues and friends in most of the world¿¿¿s bigger cities.

What does being a University of Sydney Business School alumnus mean to you?

It means always having the support from a university with the highest reputation in many fields (including business and management) and staying in touch with lecturers, business partners and colleagues alike.

What would you say to a prospective student who is considering studying the Master of Management (CEMS)/CEMS MIM at the University of Sydney Business School?

I would say that everyone has to know for themselves the paths they want to embark on and challenges they want to face. For those who want to start an international career in management or related fields and take on opportunities at leading companies around the world, this program is certainly the ideal catalyst and will open more than one door for a successful international career.

Any other comments

I want to express my congratulations to all my friends and colleagues who graduated with me from the Master of Management program at the University of Sydney and the CEMS Master of International Management and say “thank you” to the team of lecturers, corporate partners and administrative staff at the university for making my experience in Sydney and abroad as exciting and unique as it was.