Alumni Profile - Jan Wappler (MMgt (CEMS) '12))

Jan Wappler

Name: Jan Wappler

Current Position, Organisation: Project Manager, EF Education First Ltd.

Describe yourself in 3 words: Trustworthy, pacifist, gregarious

Nationality/cultural identity: Swiss & Australian

Languages spoken: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese

Countries lived/worked in: Switzerland, Australia, Chile, Spain, Turkey, Germany

Daily website 'favourites': CNN and Facebook

Linkedin Profile: Jan Wappler

Why did you choose to study the Master of Management (CEMS)/CEMS MIM at the University of Sydney Business School?

To complement my Bachelor in International Relations degree with a business and management dimension. The international scope of the Master was the ideal way to build on my previous studies.

What was the best part of studying the Master of Management (CEMS)/CEMS MIM program.

The ability to study in three countries towards the goal of obtaining two first class Master degrees.

Briefly describe your CEMS exchange experience

Above all, the best way I can describe the CEMS exchange experience is to call it the most rewarding and culturally enriching journey a student could ever embark on. To grow as a person, student and citizen of the world who is ready to enter the global workforce while forging life-long friendships with colleagues from all corners of the world is literally priceless.

What was the most challenging aspect of your CEMS exchange experience?

The process of learning how to become comfortable and accustomed in a short amount of time to new environments and working styles while being a guest in a foreign country and culture.

What was the highlight of your CEMS exchange experience?

The stand-out highlight for me was without doubt the way my Turkish colleagues assimilated me into their lifestyle, opened their homes to me and included me in their customs, pastimes and culture. As a result of this unforgettable CEMS exchange experience; I will forever be a proud adopted Turk.

How has completing the Master of Management (CEMS)/CEMS MIM at the University of Sydney Business School changed you both professionally and personally?

First of all, the completion of both degrees enabled me to immediately find an entry-level graduate position in a company which is fully compatible with my talents, interests and passion. On a personal level, I have gained a huge network of international contacts and made close friends who I will be in touch with forever. I even live with a fellow Master of Management (CEMS)/CEMS MIM University of Sydney graduate in Zurich, Switzerland, and believe it or not, our neighbour is a CEMS graduate as well!

What have you done since graduating?

Immediately after completing my last semester in Barcelona, I started to work for the world leader in international education, Education First, currently based in Zurich. As one of just 8 handpicked global management trainees, I am halfway through the '360' graduate program which sees me lead international projects, coordinate initiatives across 16 international markets and take out my passport more often than I use my iPhone. I truly cannot think of a better transition from CEMS into work life.

What does being a Master of Management (CEMS)/CEMS MIM alumnus mean to you?

It means that I am now part of an exclusive and truly international group of like-minded, bright and talented leaders of tomorrow.

What does being a University of Sydney Business School alumnus mean to you?

Being a University of Sydney Business School alumnus is a proud and distinguished honour which not only connects me with fellow alumni of one of Australia's and Asia-Pacific's most respected universities, but will also be an important networking tool for the day I return to live in Australia.

What would you say to a prospective student who is considering studying the Master of Management (CEMS)/CEMS MIM at the University of Sydney Business School?

In the words of a leading sports apparel company, just do it!