Alumni Profile - Lucie Veltz - Master of Management (CEMS), 2013

Lucie Velt

Name: Lucie Veltz

Degree(s) and Year(s) of Graduation from the University of Sydney: Master of Management (CEMS), USYD, 2013. CEMS Masters in International Management (MIM), ESADE, 2013

Nationality/cultural identity: French

Languages spoken: French, English , Spanish, Italian, German

CEMS Exchange Universities: ESADE in Barcelona & Bocconi in Milano

Countries lived/worked in: USA, Australia, France, Hong Kong, Spain, Italy

Describe yourself in 3 words: Unorthodox, Curious, Optimistic

Best book you have read in the last 12 months: The Second World War ¿¿¿Winston Churchill

Daily website 'favourites':

Motto to live/work by: "Do NOT read beauty magazines, they will only make you feel ugly."

Linkedin Profile: Lucie Veltz

Why did you choose to study the Master of Management (CEMS)/CEMS MIM at the University of Sydney Business School?

The University of Sydney is a leading worldwide university and I believe that this particular Master helped me gain real management skills as well as an international perspective on business practices. I chose to apply to CEMS because it is part of a global network of well-known international business schools and exposes its students to real business management practices and opens up doors for its graduates to global leading companies.

What was the best part of studying the Master of Management (CEMS)/CEMS MIM program?

The people I met along the way, all extremely talented, unique and interesting students.

Briefly describe your CEMS exchange experience

I went on exchange at ESADE in Barcelona then Bocconi in Milano. Both were amazing yet very different experiences despite being geographically close, not only to each other but to my hometown as well (Paris).

What was the most challenging aspect of your CEMS exchange experience?

Living, studying and completing my CEMS internship in Barcelona was quite a challenge, as the city never sleeps. I am sure many CEMS students who attended Marenostrum or the CEMS Graduation 2013 can attest.

What was the highlight of your CEMS exchange experience?

Doing my CEMS Business Project at Bocconi for L¿¿¿Or¿¿al for the launch of the new Yves Saint Laurent Mascara on the Italian Market. Also, the fact that I lived (along with an awesome CEMS student from Spain) inside an old church and right next to a Trattoria with the best pizzas in Milano.

How has completing the Master of Management (CEMS)/CEMS MIM at the University of Sydney Business School changed you both professionally and personally?

I believe completing CEMS was the most effective way to develop interpersonal skills and learn more about different business cultures and environments. Also, I became really confident in new environments and learned to rely on myself.

What have you done since graduating?

Since graduating I moved to a new place in Paris, had five CEMS friends visit me on different occasions, went to job interviews in Dublin, London and Zurich and will soon go to Madrid to officially start working.

What does being a Master of Management (CEMS)/CEMS MIM alumnus mean to you?

It means that I am part of a strong network of like-minded people. As CEMS alumni, we aim to put our sense of individual and collective responsibility and leadership skills to good use.

What would you say to a prospective student who is considering studying the Master of Management (CEMS)/CEMS MIM at the University of Sydney Business School?

You will be extremely proud to be part of this incredible adventure.