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Charles Littrell

A message from Charles Littrell (MEc '98), Deputy President of the Alumni Council, University of Sydney / Co-Convenor of the Business Alumni Network Start-up Group

In 1920, the University of Sydney created the first Economics faculty in Australia. That Faculty produced many academic and applied economists, including a Nobel Prize winner in John Harsanyi, but from early days also produced a great many of the educated business people in Sydney and around Australia, and latterly around the world.

From the 1990s the Faculty of Economics lifted its relative focus on business, with the Faculty name changing to explicitly include "Business". In the 2000s, the Faculty of Economics and Business successfully achieved accreditation from the AACSB and EQUIS, and was named the sole Australian CEMS partner. It would be fair to assert that the Business School is among the best of its type in Australia, and is comfortably placed in world terms. Of course over time we would like to remove "among" from the previous sentence, and a high quality alumni group will be essential to this achievement.

From 2010 the Faculty of Economics and Business was split into the new University of Sydney Business School, which broadly speaking comprises students graduating with Commerce degrees, the School of Economics moved across to the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. I am hopeful that this split, which is common among some of the world's best universities, will help the University's Business and Economics schools both prosper separately, and continue their historic collaboration.

At one point the University had an Economics alumni group, but this group lapsed into inactivity many years ago. Although many Economics and Business alumni have been active in alumni affairs, until now we have not had a dedicated business alumni group. The Business Alumni Network (BAN) will remedy this absence.

Yours sincerely,

Charles Littrell
BAN Start-up group