Corporate citizenship: implications for business, citizens and governments

25th Nov 2013 12:00pm-2:00pm

Guest Speaker

Professor Jeremy Moon, 2013 Gourlay Professor for Ethics in Business, University of Nottingham, UK


Jeremy Moon is Professor and Founding Director of the International Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility, Nottingham University Business School.

He is co-editor of the Oxford Handbook of Corporate Social Responsibility (2008 Oxford University Press), co-author of Corporations and Citizenship (2008 Cambridge University Press), and co-editor of the Cambridge University Press series Business, Value Creation and Society.


Corporate citizenship: Implications for business, citizens and governments

Is citizenship an appropriate or useful model for considering the responsibilities of business? If so, what are the implications for business, for human citizens and governments? This paper extends on Professor Moon’s key work on corporate citizenship and applies it in the context of current debates about the role of corporations in civil society.


Darlington Centre Boardroom
The University of Sydney Darlington Centre
174 City Rd, Darlington


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