New Technology and Talent Acquisition in Australian Professional Services Firms

Project Summary

This Australian Research Council funded project examines the adoption and use of new recruitment-related technologies by Australian professional services firms.

Set against the backdrop of the national shortage of critical skills and the 'war for talent', this project examines the ways in which different technologies are used to enhance the recruitment processes of organisations. It will also provide insights in to how Australian firms can make more effective uses of internet and social media-related technologies to attract new talent.

Given the increasing interest in the relationship between recruitment and internet-based technologies - particularly social media - a number of discussions have been conducted with professional service firms in order to learn more about their experiences. Such discussions have culminated in a number of significant events including a ThinkTank breakfast hosted by the team, which bought together thought leaders, as well industry experts, including social media and recruitment professionals.

Other events and keynote presentations have subsequently been conducted in conjunction with the Australian Senior Human Resources Roundtable (ASHRR), the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI), and SuccessFactors - a leading supplier of cloud and internet-based talent management and recruitment solutions.

In 2013, the research team will continue to explore the appropriation of technology in recruitment, and continue to pursue opportunities, both domestically and internationally, to share their initial findings and engage in ongoing discussions with the academic community and industry


The project members include Professors David Grant, Richard Hall and Nick Wailes, Associate Professor Philip Seltsikas, Dr Kristine Dery, Sharna Wiblen and Sophie Goodman.