Strategic Outsourcing Risks in Organizations

The Development and Application of a Sourcing Risk & Control Framework

Outsourcing ICT requirements to third parties, presents many organizational risks for suppliers and their customers. Cloud computing developments and the eventual construction of the NBN, will encourage many organizations to outsource their ICT. Our research focuses on identifying risks and effective control solutions for outsourcing arrangements.

This project is significant at this time because it will:

  • Address the current inadequate understanding of risks, controls and their measurement in organizational sourcing arrangements that is limiting effective decision making on outsourcing by organizations;
  • Develop rigorous, effective, relevant and measureable solutions to the control of sourcing risks;
  • Provide solutions to Australian organizations through an existing solutions provider (RXP Services);
  • Develop meta-level learning across organisations having the potential to reduce the impact and cost of sourcing risks; and
  • Encourage academic and industry information sharing about IS sourcing risk identification, control and measurement to facilitate learning.

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