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Why Study BA?

  • Businesses are drowning in data and information. They need analytics experts to analyse and model this data so as to help them make better decisions. The BA major/specialisation will equip you with the tools to properly and scientifically analyse business data and thus provide real insights to businesses.

Here is an article espousing the need for everyone to understand statistics and data analysis - Four skills you need to know for the future

  • There is a shortage of expert quantitative analysts and your skills will be in high demand. The BA major/specialisation nicely compliments every other major/specialisation in the Business School, by building a strong quantitative background. For example, accountants are often asked to make predictions regarding budgets, resource allocation and costs, and the BA major/specialisation will help you become one of the few Accountants with proper training to undertake these tasks.
  • You will acquire unique quantitative knowledge and skills so as to distinguish yourself from the rest. You will gain a head-start over other graduates in the fast growing areas of online analytics, data mining, market segmentation, customer analytics and business intelligence.
  • You will gain the ability to understand and mathematically formulate decision problems: a fundamental skill for managers in any organization. Learn how to apply these skills in areas like Supply Chains and Project Management.

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