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Business Education

Business Education develops and delivers curriculum, as well as student, academic, and administrative support initiatives for undergraduate and postgraduate Commerce programs offered by The University of Sydney Business School.

While Business Education has a 'whole of School' focus, it works closely with Disciplinary experts in both teaching and research. Comprising a diverse team of academic and administrative professionals drawn from within the Business School and directly from industry, Business Education's organisational structure mirrors a discipline but the breadth of its service offerings is designed to be multi-disciplinary.

The scope of Business Education's work includes:

  • Development and delivery of the BUSS-coded Core Units of Study for both undergraduate and postgraduate Commerce programs.
  • Development and delivery of compulsory program-wide capstone units in the undergraduate and postgraduate Commerce programs and carriage of program-level assurance of learning in these units.
  • Coordination of the Units of Study for the Business School's Industry Placement Program (IPP) and Community Placement Program (CPP).
  • Provision of student support and academic literary programs to all students in the Business School.
  • Coordination and Management of 2 student support programs, Peer Assisted Study Session (PASS) and Maths in Business (MIB)
  • Bi-annual orientation for all commencing undergraduate and postgraduate students at the Business School. Business School Orientation
  • Development of on-line Study, Research, and Writing materials.
  • Provision of the Student Guide, a compendium of School-wide student resources designed to assist students' access to the various resources afforded to them within the School.


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