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Academic Staff

Director, Business Education

Leanne Piggott


Lyn Carson
Marc Jones
Marcus O'Connor

Senior Lecturer

Zina O'Leary


Kaiying Ji
Helen Parker
Sandra Peter

Associate Lecturers

Michael Allan
Geoff Harrison
Emily Jones
Michael Katz
Omer (Kerem) Konakci
Sanri Le Roux
Sue Lord

Student Learning Support Officer

Heather Robson

Casual Lecturers

Andrew Allan

Senior Tutors

Annie Klein
Angela Sidoti
Lucy Yang

Literacy Coordinator

Rebecca Palmer

PASS and Maths in Business Coordinator

Jessica Morr

Administrative Staff

Discipline Executive Officer

Venessa Ahern (Acting)
Kandice Cherry (on Maternity Leave)

Administration Officer

Camilla Chau
Sharon Wallis

Administrative Assistants

Rachael Di-masi