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Past Events

  • Threat and reality in cybercrimes: towards a rational response by business, individuals and law enforcement

    Cybercrimes have become a significant part of the daily lives of individuals, businesses and governments around the world. This talk critically discusses evidence from Australia and the UK about both the fear and the actual incidence and prevalence of different cyber-related crimes. It goes on to pose questions about what businesses, individuals and government (including law enforcement agencies) can (and cannot) rationally do to combat these challenges, and what might help to make their reactions more effective.

    7 November 2017

  • Water, Energy, Food and Conflict: regulation and security in the Indian Subcontinent

    Co-presented with the Discipline of Law, the University of Sydney Business School.

    Water, energy and food security are fundamental strategic challenges for India and its neighbours. In this Sydney Ideas conversation Professor Brahma Chellaney from the Centre for Policy Research, New Delhi and Professor Bill Pritchard from the University of Sydney discuss the contentious politics and economics of water, energy and food in the Indian subcontinent. International and national regulatory regimes play an important role in the way water and energy resources are distributed across South Asia.

    8 November 2017

  • Markets, Misconduct and the Technological Age

    The digital age has brought disruption to the many markets in which we operate. Do technological advances aid or impede market misconduct? Are regulatory tools aimed at minimising market misconduct effective? Are corporate crimes such as insider trading and money laundering moving beyond the scope of detection and enforcement? How do we respond to the use of blockchain technology? What is the future for markets and misconduct in the technological age? These are some of the questions which will be tackled by our expert speakers from the Discipline of Business Law at the University of Sydney Business School when we are joined by eminent international scholars, senior executives from ASX200 corporations, experienced legal and tax practitioners, and regulatory experts in the various market domains.

    10 November 2017

  • The business of takeovers, insider trading and continuous disclosure: sensitive information and significant commercial transactions

    A roundtable discussion by Associate Professor Umakanth Varottil (National University of Singapore), Dr Juliette Overland and Dr Cary Di Lernia, chaired by Associate Professor David Chaikin (University of Sydney Business School).

    This roundtable discussion will consider the inter-relationship between the conduct of significant commercial transactions such as takeovers, and the restrictions and obligations imposed on companies and participants by insider trading laws and continuous disclosure obligations.  Sensitive information requires careful handing, by both the bidder and target in takeover transactions, and due diligence procedures can cause complications.  In addition, information about takeover proposals is likely to be price-sensitive to both parties, giving rise to insider trading concerns, and continuous disclosure may require notification to the exchange if trading patterns indicate that information about proposed takeovers has ceased to be confidential.  The challenges presented by these issues will be discussed in an interactive roundtable setting. 

    21st June 2017

  • Corporate and trust structures: legal and illegal dimensions

    How do corporate and trust structures contribute to the success of commercial, financial and entrepreneurial activities? How can Australian companies increase exports through franchising, or use the Asia Region Funds Passport and the new Collective Investment Vehicles regime to sell financial services to Asia? What are the secrets of Alibaba’s complex corporate structure? How are corporate structures misused for corruption, insider trading, and money laundering? Should shell companies be banned? What is the role of organised crime and the professions? Should Australia follow the UK and create a public registry of beneficial ownership of companies. These are some of the questions which will be tackled by our expert speakers from the Discipline of Business Law at the University of Sydney Business School, the former Solicitor-General of Australia, a current ministerial advisor, the Financial Services Council, the Asia/Pacific Group on Money Laundering, and the former National Coordinator of the Australian Government Criminal Asset Confiscation Task Force.

    4th Nov 2016

  • Digital disruption: the impact on business models, regulation and financial crime conference

    The Discipline of Business Law’s conference on digital disruption was well attended by representatives from the Australian government, industry and academics. The conference examined how privacy and property rights are being challenged by digital communities, and how banking services are being transformed by new payment platforms.

    23 November 2015