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Postgraduate Coursework Studies


Business Law (Master of Commerce and combined Master of Commerce programs)

The legal system is part of the environmental framework for all business activity. This means that business must identify new legal standards as the law changes and determine suitable policies and practices for meeting those legal requirements. The development of a knowledge economy has also increased the need within organisations for expertise in both traditional areas like contract law and new fields like intellectual property and eBusiness transactions. The Business Law major is designed to develop a sound understanding of the impact of commercial law on business activity. Graduates will also be able to recognise potential legal problems and work in house on their solution, and to recognise when to seek expert advice and maximise interactions with the legal profession. The emphasis throughout the major is on the legal problems likely to be encountered by graduates in their future careers, whether these be in the public or private sectors. This major adds value to any business graduate by providing a framework of legal knowledge and capabilities in problem framing and solution, assessment of risk and compliance. Commercial law has always been an important part of the professional education of accountants (the units are accredited for accounting purposes) and provides a useful second major for students specialising in business or finance related fields.


Timetables for all Business Law units of study are available on the University of Sydney Business School timetable pages.