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Personal career management plan

Personal Career Management Plan

Phase 1 - Self assessment

Before you book in for your one-on-one career coaching session using our MBA Career Services Manager Symplicity, we ask you to complete CareerLeader®, an online self-assessment tool. Based on more than 50 collective years of scientific research and career development experience, CareerLeader® is used by more than 650 businesses and universities around the world to help people find career success and satisfaction. Through this process, you can evaluate your deepest life interests, your business skills, and your own work/reward values.

We then ask you to ascertain your dominant themes using the Gallup Strengths Finder tool. Working through this process with our qualified Accelerated Strengths Coach enables you to gain absolute clarity on your individual strengths and discover how to articulate this into your ideal job.

Phase 2 - Research

Next, we will work with you to begin investigating industries and job functions, exploring how to network online and face-to-face, positioning your experiences and developing your marketing message.

Phase 3 - Personal branding

This phase is all about creating your own personal marketing tools in a way that appeals to your target industry, having developed a deep understanding of it. This is where we draw on the various career skill workshops, and one-on one-career coaching sessions, to tailor your resume and refine your personal branding. In this task, you should take advantage of the following resources, offered by our service:


  • Brand You Workshop
  • LinkedIn Training Workshop
  • Great Resume Workshop
  • Cover Letter Writing Workshop

You will also receive feedback/assistance from your one-on-one coach on writing your resume, creating an effective LinkedIn profile and social media personal brand building.

Phase 4 - Customised job search strategies

We will then work with you to develop a job search strategy and give you the tools you'll need to go after your career goal.

Throughout this phase, we'll support you by offering training and assistance to help you determine the career path that is right for you, position yourself in the marketplace, manage the interview process and negotiate job offers. Useful resources include:

  • Networking
  • Building relationships with executive search firms
  • Application process
  • Writing letters
  • Interview technique
  • Negotiating salary packages

Coaching is an ongoing process, and is tailored to your individual needs, including reviewing your career goals and choice, developing a job search strategy, understanding a job function, preparing for an important interview, and negotiating offers. While we do follow a specific program, life inevitably presents unexpected twists and turns, which is why our coaching is designed to be flexible to support you in this regard.

Your personal career management plan

As you learn more about opportunities, refine your personal marketing materials, and gain clarity around your career goals, you will find there are many ways to pursue your options. You may decide to participate in on-campus recruiting; or conduct a self-directed job search in which you pursue opportunities outside of the typical recruiting cycle. Or you may choose to start your own business and forgo recruiting altogether.

Whatever you decide, our MBA Careers Services has the resources to assist you in all aspects of the management of your career, and support you as you start your new professional life.