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As the trend requiring the University sector to focus more closely on graduate attributes and employability outcomes of its students increases, and as fees begin to rise, the Business School's Careers and Employability Office believes that it is in an excellent position to play a key role - in the middle ground between the development of graduate attributes such as 'Lifelong Learning' and the translation of these into employability outcomes such as the effective use of research and information skills, self reflection and professional understanding, and the full range of communication skills.

Our aim is to develop self awareness around personal and academic skills and attributes and to develop a understanding on how to navigate the employment market. In short, Career Management Skills.

The success of these may then be reflected in measures such as the annual Graduate Destination Survey which is often used as an indicator of a course's marketability, and in business school accreditation processes.

The Careers Office welcomes ideas and opportunities from the business school's staff please contact us to indicate your views on what the office could provide.