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Career Information

What subjects should I choose, what majors lead to different jobs?

What job will suit me?

Graduate Careers Australia is a good place to start.

Here you will find a range of excellent national resources including:

  • Statistics: Grad Jobs and Dollars
  • Work and Study Outcomes
  • Industry Career Profiles

The JobGuide
Nothing goes past the JobGuide for everything you need to know about business careers: from what the work involves, necessary qualifications, employment opportunities, and further info. Make sure you click on 'NSW' as this is a national resource.

Explore My Future, a comprehensive careers resource and whilst there, test your careers interest and values at the My Guide portal.

If you are an enrolled student of the Business School log into Blackboard for more detailed information on the above.

If you are a prospective student, the above links will give you general careers information that will help you make decisions on what to study, what jobs are out there and where your career can take you.