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Work Experience Insurance

The University of Sydney Business School may provide in principle support and the University of Sydney may provide insurance coverage under the University’s personal accident insurance policy for students who undertake an unpaid work experience in Australia which is relevant to their degree or award course.

If you are undertaking an unpaid work experience that supports the learning outcomes of your degree, the University of Sydney Business School may issue you with workplace insurance. You must be an enrolled student of the Business School and be able to demonstrate how the work experience supports your learning either through relevance to a particular unit of study or through supporting the development of the University's graduate attributes. The work experience does not need to be a requirement of your degree or particular unit of study but you must be able to demonstrate the relevance as cited above.

It is essential that you have reviewed information relating to unpaid work experience which is located on the Fair Work Ombudsman website.

N.B. It is the responsibility of the student to assess all of the information provided by the Fair Work Ombudsman in order to make a judgement about whether or not the student will be entering into an employment relationship.

Steps in Obtaining Approval

  1. Complete the online application form below and submit
  2. Allow at least 10 working days prior to the start of your work experience for the necessary documents to be processed
  3. If and when approved a Business School representative will issue you with the relevant insurance documents

In order to issue the insurance documentation, the following rules and responsibilities must be adhered to:

Rules and Responsibilities

  1. The student must be currently enrolled in a Business School degree or award course,
  2. The work experience must be unpaid. The student must not be an employee or worker of the organisation they are placed with for the purposes of Workers' Compensation legislation
  3. The work experience must be in Australia
  4. The work experience must not exceed 24 days in duration
  5. The internship or work experience must contribute to the student’s learning experience by meeting the following criteria:
    • enable the student to apply theoretical and other knowledge gained from their course of study in a practical setting
    • consist of activities consistent with the student’s course objectives and/or graduate attributes
    • provide an opportunity for the student to explore career options or make more informed decisions regarding their career development
    • support the student’s transition from study to work.

Insurance coverage will not be provided:

  • where work experience does not contribute to the student’s learning experience as defined above
  • after a student has graduated from their degree or award course
  • when candidature in their degree or award course has lapsed.

Apply for Insurance