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Job Search Skills

Planning Your Job Search

Whether you are seeking paid or unpaid, full time or casual work, it is important to apply a range of strategies to your job search. Depending on the sector, up to 70-80% of jobs are not advertised, so ensure you incorporate these hidden job opportunities into your job search by developing your professional and personal networks.

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Ethical Employers

Are you keen to pursue a career with employers of choice that offer things like work/life integration, genuine career opportunities for women, integrated corporate responsibility practices including consideration of environmental and social impacts and an alignment of your values with the organisation worked for?

Download the following helpful documents:

Equity & Diversity at Work

Legal Rights

Employment Resources for People with a Disability

Women at Work

You may find this section useful when researching equal opportunities for women in the workplace.

Targeting The Hidden Job Market

The majority of job opportunities are not advertised. How do you access these jobs? Using your personal networks (family, friends, acquaintances), developing professional networks joining professional industry associations & student societies, attending industry events, advice from people in the industry, and approaching companies directly about work opportunities are important tools in your job search. Undertaking research provides valuable information to assist you with identifying trends and opportunities, and to speak knowledgeably to employers about their industry.