R.J. Chambers Archive Classification Schema

Chambers On Accounting

In their General Preface (Vol. 1, Management and Finance, December 1985) to the six volume set, Chambers on Accounting, editors Chambers and Dean observed: 'The selection includes direct contributions to professional and academic periodicals, the prepared scripts of a number of conference papers and other addresses published in professional and academic journals, conference proceedings or otherwise, a number of published pieces, and a selection of texts of addresses and submissions to inquiries not otherwise published. Within this selection there are a series of papers on observed accounting practices, on the generation and content of recommendations and standards devised or endorsed by professional and other organizations. There are series on information generation, measurement, communication, and choice. There are series on basic ideas, theories, and theory construction and on research in accounting education. But the individual pieces in any of these series may appear at widely separated dates; some pieces could quite properly fall into any one of several of the above groups; and ideas first treated in one setting have been used or developed in other settings. The division of the materials of selection was intended to minimize mere repetition, but that intention was moderated where it seemed desirable to indicate the origin or development of some specific theme. The volume titles are indicative of the general themes of each, but within each the arrangement is chronological'.