Chambers as Mentor

As noted under 'Chambers as Educator', Chambers was an educator par excellence. A clear statement of Chambers' educational motivation is provided in his vision for 'Accounting Education for the Twenty-First Century' (1987):

"To be in the vanguard of advances in knowledge and technology is at once a duty and a deep satisfaction to educators. In particular, improvements in instrumentation and information systems have made possible previously unforeseen advances in performance, diagnosis, and prognosis in all kinds of pursuits. The prospect of doing similarly for the conduct of business affairs still lies before an improved accounting. The necessity and direction of improvement I have attempted to sketch. But of the grounds for improvement may I say, in the spirit of the Royal Society maxim: Take not my word for it; see for yourself."

Colleagues found it difficult to match Chambers' work ethic in seeking observations about commerce and accounting and thinking about how what was observed meshed. He seemed to need only a few hours sleep a day. But that ethos was contagious. He continually sought excellence - the point captured so elegantly in a piece published posthumously, 'Life on the Fringe - An Accounting Odyssey' (2000). His voluminous published and unpublished works (see Chambers as Researcher') are an inspiration as was his constant desire to debate accounting and cognate matters at length and with anyone keen to engage him. Doing and commenting on others' ideas was his means of mentoring.


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