Demystifying Chinese Investment in Australia

Demystifying Chinese Investment in Australia: Update March 2014

The latest report into Chinese direct investment by KPMG, The University of Sydney's China Studies Centre and Professor Hans Hendrischke of the University of Sydney Business School titled, Demystifying Chinese Investment in Australia, March 2014 Update, finds Chinese investment in Australia declined by 10% during 2013, against a backdrop of an overall global increase in Chinese outbound investment during the year.

Based on the KPMG/University of Sydney database, total Chinese ODI in Australia in 2013 was USD 9,115 million, reduced from USD 10,105 million in 2012, reflecting a downward investment trend in the mining and energy sector.

"The Chinese investment profile is changing. For the first time in 2013, Chinese investment in Australia was not concentrated in the mining and gas sectors. We experienced a shift towards a larger number of smaller to medium sized deals and a larger share of private Chinese investors. But these deals do not make up the gap in mining and gas investment," said Professor Hendrischke.

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