About Us


The mission of the China Research Group is to study emerging business and corporate relations between Australia and China in their global context.

China is Australia's largest trading partner and an important global investor at a time when global capital supply is scarce. As Chinese demand for energy, mineral resources, food security, technology and markets keeps growing, Australia has become a major investment destination for China. Australia China business relations are moving from trade engagement to sustainable business integration with Chinese corporate partners who are increasingly operating globally.

Globalising Chinese business firms from the state-owned enterprise (SOE) and non-state small and medium enterprise (SME) sector are adapting to new and changing business environments. Domestically, they face increasing privatisation and marketization. Internationally, they encounter unfamiliar legal and institutional environments. Foreign businesses have to be aware of these constraints. Australia China financial and business integration is creating new opportunities and challenges which need to be anticipated and examined in detail.


The ambition of the China Research Group is to establish within the University of Sydney Business School the leading academic network in Australia for the study of Australia China business relations and research on Chinese enterprises operating and investing in Australia.

The focus of the China Research Group is on the corporate and business dimension in Australia China economic cooperation from an Australian and Chinese business perspective.

The China Research Group builds on school-wide research cooperation across the Business School and close collaboration with the China Studies Centre and faculties of the University of Sydney.


Our principal objectives are:

  • To undertake analysis, research and teaching of the highest quality
  • To define Australia China relations in a global business context
  • To establish on-going business dialogue between Australia and China


Our principal activities are:

  • To deliver thought leadership for corporate and government partners
  • To publicise business and policy analysis and commentary
  • To create new knowledge by working with business, government and community organisations
  • To conduct executive training and postgraduate and undergraduate education
  • To promote business-related alumni and community relations