In the media

  • Financial ties with China 12 Apr 2014

    ABC Radio National, Saturday Extra

    Radio National, Saturday Extra interviewed Professor Hans Hendrischke about the negotiations to lower restrictions on Chinese investment into Australia and to make Sydney an official yuan trading hub.

  • Chinese Economy 2014 Expectation 10 Mar 2014

    CRI English

    Hans Hendrischke was interviewed on CRI English (China) about the Chinese economy's outlook for 2014.

  • Australia losing its Chinese allure 07 Mar 2014

    Australian Financial Review

    Professor Hans Hendrischke is quoted in the Australian Financial Review article about Australia losing its position at the top destination for China's foreign direct investment last year.

  • Voices of the world: What can China learn from other countries on reform? 05 Mar 2014

    Hans Hendrischke is quoted in a story about what China can learn from other countries about reform.

  • Shift in Chinese market a threat and an opportunity for Australian food producers 04 Feb 2014

    ABC the World Today

    Dr Hans Hendrischke was interviewed about the debate on whether the Federal Government was correct in refusing financial support to SPC.

  • China's one-child changes to drive up dairy demand 19 Nov 2013


    Professor Hans Hendrischke shares his opinion on whether the changes to China's one child policy should lead to even greater demand for Australian dairy products.

  • China connection blossoms 07 Nov 2013

    Sydney Morning Herald

    University of Sydney Master of Business Administration (MBA) students have completed a trip to Shanghai, to help Chinese companies engage with Australia.

  • Hurdles remain for Australian agribusiness to fast-track Chinese investment 29 Oct 2013

    Contrary to widespread perceptions that Chinese investment is swallowing large swathes of Australian farmland, the latest KPMG research suggests that China is far from a major agricultural investor in Australia, and owns less than one percent of Australian farmland.

  • China must rebalance economy to avoid crisis: Pettis 25 Mar 2013

    ABC News 24

    Michael Pettis, Professor of Finance at Peking University and author of The Great Rebalancing, warns China faces a looming debt crisis if it doesn't re-balance its economy, following his delivery of the inaugural Australian Chinese Business Lecture at the Business School's new CBD campus.

  • Chinese target gas in $49bn splurge 15 Mar 2013

    The Australian

    Hans Hendrischke, Professor of Chinese Business and Management, has been interviewed on the topic of Chinese levels of importation of Australian resources, following the release of a joint report by the University of Sydney's China Studies Centre and KPMG.

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