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  • Key to Asian Century is already on campus 31 Oct 2012

    Geoffrey Garrett,

    The Australian

    The Asia Century white paper is based on two fundamental propositions. First, by 2025 Asia will have transformed itself from the world's low-cost manufacturer into its biggest middle-class consumer. Second, Australia's future prosperity depends on being able to give increasingly sophisticated Asian consumers what they want, write Professor Geoffrey Garrett and Sean Gallagher in The Australian. Read more

  • Differing perspectives on the Asian Century 29 Oct 2012

    Sky News

    Professor Geoffrey Garrett has told Sky News that China will probably overtake the USA economically by 2025 but there is a difference between the Australian perspective and the US perspective on the Asian Century, and the East Asian Summit.

  • White Paper a "Balancing Act" - Garrett 29 Oct 2012

    ABC News 24

    Professor Geoffrey Garrett has told ABC News 24 that the White Paper is a part of a balancing game between the USA and China, and that Asian students are an incredible resource, and there is more potential for them.

  • Chinese drifting towards a US market eager to please 03 Oct 2012

    The Australian

    The higher education trade winds blowing Chinese students into US classrooms are approaching gale force, say Sean Gallagher and Professor Geoffrey Garrett in the Australian.
    Read more

  • Tensions rise between China and Japan 12 Sep 2012

    Phoenix Television News, China

    Professor Geoffrey Garrett, Dean of the Business School, discusses the rising tensions between Japan and China on Phoenix Television News, China

  • Chinese Investment in Primary Production 03 Sep 2012

    ABC Lateline

    ABC TV's Lateline program has interviewed Professor Hans Hendrischke, Business School, regarding the sale of Australia's biggest cotton farm to a Chinese dominated consortium.

  • End 'Whisper Campaign' on China 20 Aug 2012


    Professor Geoffrey Garrett, Dean of the Business School, has called for an end to the "whisper campaign" against Chinese investment in Australia, saying politicians need to adopt a more pragmatic and less emotive approach.

  • US flexes its muscle on investment 16 Aug 2012

    The Australian

    Dean of the Business School, Professor Geoffrey Garrett, comments on a US plan to provide $5 billion in cheap loans to Australian projects this year, and the impact that may have on US-China-Australia relations.

  • Smith defends US-China Approach 09 Aug 2012

    The Australian Financial Review

    Professor Geoffrey Garrett, Dean of the University of Sydney Business School comments on the Gillard government's position on the rise of China as an economic power.

  • Geoffrey Garrett on China and the United States 09 Jul 2012

    ABC Big Ideas

    Professor Geoffrey Garrett, Dean of the University of Sydney Business School, presented at TEDxSydney 2012 on the US-China relationship and what that means for Australia.

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