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  • Our China status under threat 15 Mar 2013

    The Sydney Morning Herald

    Hans Hendrischke, Professor of Chinese Business and Management, has been interviewed on the topic of Chinese levels of importation of Australian resources, following the release of a joint report by the University of Sydney's China Studies Centre and KPMG.

  • Lingering Doubt in Chinese investment 11 Feb 2013

    Southern Cross Television

    Hans Hendrischke has told Souther Cross Television that Chinese investment in Australia will be effected by lingering Chinese doubt.

  • Financiers back registry for foreign buyers 28 Nov 2012

    The Australian

    Professor Hans Hendrischke and Adjunct Professor Hugh Harley have taken part in a roundtable discussion seeking to find a solution to the anxiousness felt by many Australians about foreign investment, reports The Australian.

  • Asia Pivot 22 Nov 2012

    ABC News 24 Business Day

    Professor Geoffrey Garrett has been interviewed for Business Day on the Australia Network to discuss the results of the ASEAN and East Asian Summits. Professor Garrett says the US would not believe China currently has dominance in Asia, noting that US President Barack Obama is not trying to contain China. Professor Garrett said while the US is strategically trying to pivot towards Asia, most crises that must be managed will continue to stem from the Middle East. NB: To view the video, please click on the link above, and then click the "Asia Pivot" link on the page that opens.

  • Taking advantage of a changing global order 19 Nov 2012

    Finance News Network

    Professor Geoffrey Garrett, Dean of the Business School, has spoken to Finance News Network on the topic of the changing face of global politics, caused bt the period of transition of power in China and the economic issues facing the United States.

  • Normal service is resumed in China 16 Nov 2012

    Sydney Morning Herald

    The Sydney Morning Herald has interviewed Professor Hans Hendrischke, China Studies Centre and Business School, regarding changes to China's leadership and the appointment of Xi Jinping as president.

  • No cold war - US will ensure China follows the 'road rules' 13 Nov 2012

    Geoffrey Garrett,

    Sydney Morning Herald

    China and the US will never be friends, but they do need each other desperately and last week's American elections did nothing to alter this fact, writes Professor Geoffrey Garrett in The Sydney Morning Herald. Read more

  • Taking in big picture for Sino-US relations 13 Nov 2012

    Sydney Morning Herald

    Professor Geoffrey Garrett, Dean of the Business School has appeared at a live panel with former Prime Minister and former Foreign Minister, Kevin Rudd; the Shadow Minister for Communications, Malcolm Turnbull and the Sydney Morning Herald's International and Political Editor, Peter Hartcher, to discuss the recent US elections and the handover of power in China.

  • China plans to double GDP by 2020 12 Nov 2012

    Sky News

    Sky Business News has interviewed Professor Hans Hendrischke, China Studies Centre and Business School, re the Chinese Communist Party Leadership and China's plans for GDP to double by 2020. Professor Hendrischke says that we should be careful not to confuse the situation with, for example, the US Presidential Election, as the policies in China have been calibrated to accommodate the new leader.

  • Key to Asian Century is already on campus 31 Oct 2012

    Geoffrey Garrett,

    The Australian

    The Asia Century white paper is based on two fundamental propositions. First, by 2025 Asia will have transformed itself from the world's low-cost manufacturer into its biggest middle-class consumer. Second, Australia's future prosperity depends on being able to give increasingly sophisticated Asian consumers what they want, write Professor Geoffrey Garrett and Sean Gallagher in The Australian. Read more

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