Research Reports

Research on the future of business between Australia and China written by the University of Sydney and collaboratively with KPMG.

  • Demystifying Chinese Investment in Australian Healthcare Report 29/01/2018


    Having not featured before 2015, Chinese investment in Australia’s healthcare sector has surged over the past 3 years, reaching a total of AUD $5.5 billion across 16 completed deals, according to a new report from KPMG and The University of Sydney Business School.

    The report, Demystifying Chinese Investment in Australian Healthcare, which covers investments into Australia made by entities from the People’s Republic of China through M&A and joint ventures in calendar years 2015 to 2017, found that investment has been concentrated in the health supplement and medical treatment sectors in Australia. To date there has been no significant investment in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology or aged care.

  • Demystifying Chinese Investment in Australia: Update May 2017 01/05/2017


    Australia retains its position as the second largest recipient of Chinese ODI with data showing close to USD 90 billion of accumulated new investment since 2007.

    This report is the latest in a series of ‘Demystifying Chinese Investment in Australia’ reports, by KPMG and The University of Sydney’s China Studies Centre. It analyses Chinese outbound direct investment into Australia in 2016, and includes in-depth research into the sentiments of Chinese investor companies investing in Australia.

  • The new normal: health, hapiness, lifestyle and services 11/04/2016


    Chinese investment in Australia returned to positive growth in 2015, rising very strongly with a record number of deals taking Chinese investors into new industries - including healthcare for the first time - and new geographies.

  • Seismic shifts in Chinese investment in Australia finds latest Demystifying Chinese Investment in Australia report 25/05/2015


    Dramatic structural changes have driven strong shifts in the sector, number and types of deals being made by Chinese investors in Australia in 2014. For the first time nearly half of investment was concentrated in commercial real estate transactions, with investment in infrastructure also increasing significantly. Also for the first time, Chinese private sector investment exceeded state-owned enterprise investment, both in terms of volume and value.

  • 2014 Australia China Trade Report 05/05/2015


    Julie Bishop launched the 2014 Australia-China Trade Report on the 25 March 2015. Commissioned by the Australia China Business Council (ACBC), one of Australia’s most respected China engagement forums and sponsored by NAB, the report examines bilateral trade between the two countries. The report is the only report that looks at the benefits of the Australia-China trading relationship at a household level and looks beyond the resources boom and exploring the growth other Australian industries are seeing with China. It also provides practical advice on how to do business in China from Australian businesses already successfully doing it. Professor Hans Hendrischke and Dr Wei Li from the Australia China Business Network were the research team for this report.
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  • Chinese Investment Survey 2014 17/11/2014


    Until 2012 Australia was the largest recipient of Chinese Outbound Direct Investment (ODI), but dropped to second place behind the United States in 2013. Australia was able to rely on its natural resources endowments and various other comparative advantages including geography. The slow down of investment in the Australian resources sector exposed Australia to more global competition for diversifying Chinese investment.

  • Demystifying SOE Investment in Australia: A report prepared for the Business Council of Australia 29/08/2014


    KPMG and the University of Sydney analysed 23 Chinese SOEs across a range of industry sectors to determine how they operate in Australia, and whether their modus operandi differs materially from other international investors.

  • Demystifying Chinese Investment in Australia: Update March 2014 10/03/2014


    While Australia's accumulated Chinese direct investment is still ahead of its main international competitors, there is no denying that the rest of the world is hot on our heels and aggressively competing for Chinese capital.

  • Demystifying Chinese Investment in Australian Agribusiness 29/10/2013


    Despite strong public interest, little detailed factual information has been previously available about the actual nature and distribution of China's outbound direct investment (ODI) in Australia. This specialist report continues our comprehensive reporting of China's ODI into Australia.

  • The Energy Imperative: Australia-China opportunities - Preliminary brief 26/09/2012


    China's largest energy companies have rapidly increased their stakes in Australia's energy sectors in recent years, motivated by the same factors that have underpinned their acquisitions in the resources sector.

  • Demystifying Chinese Investment: China outbound direct investment in Australia 01/08/2012


    Despite an intensity of interest in Chinese corporate investment in Australia and elsewhere around the world, the nature and distribution of this investment in Australia is not well understood. KPMG and The University of Sydney China Studies Centre have, in the past 21 months, undertaken a thorough review of Chinese direct investment in Australia.

  • The Growing Tide: China outbound direct investment in Australia 29/11/2011


    Australia has been the biggest single destination for Chinese outward foreign direct investment (FDI) worldwide over the past 6 years with investments totalling more than US$38.4 billion. While China's investment in Australia have been concentrated in the natural resources sector, the future will be different. Sectors that could increase their potential for greater Chinese FDI inflows include agriculture, financial services and infrastructure.

  • Australia & China: Future Partnerships 2011 13/09/2011


    In the future it will be difficult, if not impossible, to have a strong global or domestic business without a strong China business relationship, concludes new collaborative research from KPMG in Australia and the University of Sydney China Studies Centre into the future of reciprocal trade between Australia and China.