Research themes

Our overall research theme 'Globalising Australia China Business' addresses three forces driving Australia China business relations: China's outward direct investment (ODI) into Australia; Chinese enterprises investing in Australia and their domestic background; and emerging markets for Australia China business cooperation in Australia and globally.

  • Chinese ODI into Australia

    Chinese investment has made inroads in recent years across a growing range of Australian industries. From mid-2007, more than one hundred deals have been completed in mining, energy, but also publishing and media, real estate, pharmaceuticals, logistic equipment and services, agriculture, and hotels and casinos and sectors such as manufacturing, finance, business services, construction, transport and warehousing, wholesale and retailing and scientific research. Yet, little is known about the role of ownership, entry strategies and Australia¿¿¿s competitive situation.

  • Globalising Chinese corporations and their domestic background

    As increasing numbers of Chinese enterprises invest abroad, understanding how these firms perceive and experience the Australian investment environment is a precondition for understanding their motivations, strengths and weaknesses in globalising. Survey and interview based research in Australia and China is needed to understand the potential for cooperation in areas such as enterprise finance, innovation, corporate governance and corporate social responsibility.

  • Emerging markets for Australia China business cooperation

    The strategic acquisition of assets to make China's firms more competitive at home and abroad is a key motivating factor, driving them overseas in an expanding quest to acquire advanced technologies, management expertise, greater market penetration, stakes in highly-profitable foreign upstream businesses and globally-recognised brands. Australian businesses offer financial integration, resources, energy and food security.¿¿ How can Australian and Chinese partners combine their advantages in resources, finance, technology and market access to open up new market opportunities?

    These are the core themes of our research on 'Globalising Australia China Business'.

Research projects

Hans Hendrischke

Dr Wei Li

Dr Graeme Smith