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Bachelor of Commerce (Liberal Studies)(Honours) (BCom(Liberal Studies)(Hons))

Course CodeFH043
Course TypeUndergraduate
Credit Points Required 
CRICOS code036742J


In some of the more specialised careers open to the faculty's graduates, employers may be looking for a higher level of specialisation that is not provided in a three-year pass degree. Similarly, if students want to qualify for specialist postgraduate research study, a pass degree is not normally sufficient. For all graduates, a four-year honours degree considerably enhances the quality of a qualification which singles out students to an employer as having exceptional ability. Honours involves the completion of an additional year of study after the completion of the the Bachelor of Commerce (Liberal Studies) pass degree.

Course requirements

After completing the requirements for the pass degree (and attaining results which satisfy the entry requirements for the award of honours), students may commence their honours year.

For further detail see the Honours page on a the Business School website.