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Master of International Business and Law (MIntBus&Law)

Course Code MAINBUAL2000
Course Type Postgraduate
Credit Points Required  72
CRICOS code 074086K


The Master of International Business and Law will be offered to new commencing students for the last time in Semester 1 (March), 2014. This degree will no longer be offered to commencing students after this date.

In an age of globalisation, issues relating to international business and law are of great importance to managers and business professionals around the world. The Master of International Business and Law is a unique program that draws together the interdisciplinary strengths of the University of Sydney Business School and the Sydney Law School.

Units of study offered in this course are accessible to students without legal or business backgrounds, making it an ideal entry path for those seeking to broaden their career into fields such as international trade and taxation law.

Minimum duration of degree

Full-time Part-time

1.5 years

3 years

Degree structure

Please Note: The following structure is for students commencing study in this course from 2013. Students who commenced study in 2012 may choose to follow this structure or complete their course according to the structure set out in the handbook of the year they commenced their study in this course (see Handbooks archives). Continuing pre-2012 students in the 8 unit program (FC048) should refer the handbook for the year they commenced. Archived faculty handbooks can be accessed on the Handbooks website.

To be awarded the Master of International Business and Law, students must successfully complete a total of 12 units of study (72 credit points), comprising:

For the International Business component:

  • four core units of study in international business (24 credit points)
  • two elective units of study in international business (12 credit points)

For the Law component:

  • two core units of study in law (12 credit points)
  • 24 credit points in elective law units of study

Students who commenced in 2012 can continue to follow the structure of the course for the International Business component for the year they commenced study, completing the three core units (IBUS5001/5003, IBUS6001 and IBUS6002) and three electives (as set out in the 2102 Handbook), OR follow the structure outlined above.

Core units of study

(i) International Business

* IBUS5003 replaces IBUS5001 from 2013

(ii) Law

# Note. All students without a common law background must enrol in LAWS6252 Legal Reasoning and the Common Law System. The unit LAWS6252 is the prerequisite for all elective LAWS units of study in this program. Students therefore MUST have either completed this unit prior/whilst undertaking other LAWS units of study.

Please Note: In order to develop an understanding of what is involved in studying law and the standards that the Sydney Law School expects from its students, they require all international students to attend the their compulsory one-week bridging program prior to the official semester commencement. For further details, including intensive session offering, contact the Sydney Law School.

Elective units of study

(i) International Business

* Not offered for 2014.

(ii) Law 

* Not offered for 2014.

For information on Law units and the timetable for 2014, please refer to the Sydney Law School website.

Progression guide

The following table shows an example degree progression for a student enrolled in the Master's degree on a full-time basis undertaking four units of study per semester.

In this example, 'IB' refers to International Business units of study and 'LAWS' refers to Law units.

Year Session Units of Study Credit Points

Year 1

Semester 1






Semester 2

IB elective unit

LAWS elective unit

LAWS elective unit

LAWS elective unit


Year 2

Semester 1


IB elective unit

LAWS elective unit




Please Note: The information listed in this program of study examples is meant as a guide only. Students should always check the requirements for individual units of study before enrolling. Students are usually able to complete the units of study for their degree in different sequences to that listed above. You are advised to plan your degree based upon your individual needs and to contact Staff and Student Services if you need any assistance in planning your progression in your degree.