Graduate Certificate in Transport Management (GradCertTM)

Course CodeGCTRAMGT2000
Course TypePostgraduate
Credit Points Required 24
This program is not available
to international students.


The Graduate Certificate in Transport Management has been revised for students commencing from 2014. Continuing students who commenced study prior to 2014, should refer to the information for FG006 Graduate Certificate in Transport Management on the Postgraduate Coursework Programs for Continuing Students Only (Discontinued Programs) page.

The Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies in the University of Sydney Business School is an Australian Key Centre of Excellence and a world class research institute with strong industry links and a key role in developing innovative ideas in transportation policy and professional practice. Our programs focus on policy, strategic planning and management; developing specialist skills in: applying concepts, techniques and principles that underlie transport management; understanding the relationships between government agencies and the private sector in the provision, financing, operation and maintenance of transport networks; using contemporary modelling techniques and data collection processes to solve problems in transport management, planning and analysis; and managing the impacts of future trends in transportation.

Minimum duration of course

Full-time Part-time
0.5 years 1 year

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Course structure

Please Note: Students who commenced their degree prior to 2014 should refer to the course structure and resolutions in the handbook for the year they commenced. Archived  handbooks can be accessed on the Handbooks website.

To be awarded the Graduate Certificate in Transport Management, students complete a total of four core units of study (24 credit points).

Core units of study

(i) Foundation 

(ii) Advanced 

Enrolment guide

The following example course progression is for a student enrolled in the Graduate Certificate of Transport Management:

Year / SemesterUnit of study
Unit of study
Credit points
Year 1
Semester 1

 Year 1
Semester 2


Please Note: The information listed in this program of study example is meant as a guide only. Students should always check the requirements for individual units of study before enrolling. You are advised to plan your program based upon your individual needs and to contact the Student Information Office if you need any assistance in planning your progression in your course.