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Master of Management (MMgt)

Course Code MAMANAGE2000
Course Type Postgraduate
Credit Points Required  60
CRICOS code 063099G


The Master of Management has been revised for students commencing study from 2013.

The Master of Management is specifically developed to meet the needs of high achieving recent graduates from both business and non-business backgrounds. The Master of Management is designed to help provide students with the skills, knowledge, and experience needed for career advancement in their chosen field. Distinctive features of this degree include small class sizes, a highly interactive learning environment, direct involvement of corporate partners (inside and outside the classroom), and a focus - across all the specifically designed units of study - on solving real-world business problems. Students will work directly in a leading company on a business project as part of this degree.

Minimum duration of degree

2 semesters plus intensive summer and winter sessions (1 calendar year). 4 semesters plus intensive summer and winter sessions (2 calendar years).

Degree structure

Please Note. The following structure is for students commencing study  in this course in 2014. Students who commenced study prior to 2014 may choose  to follow this structure or complete their course according to the structure  set out in the handbook of the year they commenced their study in this course  (see Handbooks archives).

To qualify for the award, Master of Management, a student must successfully complete units of study totalling 60 credit points, comprising: 

  • seven core units of study (42 credit points) 
  • a business project (12 credit points) 
  • a six credit point capstone unit of study

Core and compulsory units of study

(i) Core units

(ii) Business project

(ii) Capstone unit 

Progression guides

Students will follow a recommended sequence as there is progressive learning. The sequence of study is outlined in the following tables:

(1) Master of Management - First Semester of Enrolment

Unit code Unit name Credit points
MMGT6001 Strategy and Entrepreneurship 6
MMGT6003 Accounting and Financial Management
MMGT6011 Team Work and Innovation 6
MMGT6012 Business Tools for Management 6

(2) Master of Management - Winter/Summer intensive session of enrolment

Unit code Unit name Credit points
MMGT6013 Project Management in Context


MMGT6013  will be offered in an intensive mode during the summer and winter sessions.  Students can complete this unit in an intensive session in winter or at the end  of their degree with the capstone unit, MMGT6100. It is recommended that students enrol  in MMGT6013 at the conclusion of their first semester of study in the program.

(3) Master of Management - Second semester of enrolment

Unit code Unit name Credit points
MMGT6004 Managing People and Organisations


MMGT6008 Global Marketing Management


MMGT6101 MMGT Business Project


(4) Master of Management - Summer/Winter intensive session of enrolment (capstone)

Unit code Unit name Credit points
MMGT6100 Advanced Management Applications


Master of Management website

For further information relating to the Master of Management please refer to the Master of Management website.