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2015 Unit of Study

The session(s) below are for 2015. For Summer School 2015 unit of study availability please visit the Summer School website (main Summer session January/February 2016).

The University of Sydney session calendar shows exact dates for sessions.

Managing Business Communication A
UoS Code BUSS1900
Credit points 0
Offered Semester 1, Intensive February, Semester 2, Intensive December and Intensive July
Prerequisites None
Corequisites BUSS1001
Assumed Knowledge
Additional Information This unit of study is a compulsory part of the Bachelor of Commerce, combined Bachelor of Commerce degrees and the Bachelor of Commerce (Liberal Studies).
Lectures 1x 1.5 hours of workshop per week from week 3 to week 13
Assessment workshop attendance and participation (100%)
Description BUSS1900 Managing Business Communication A is designed to support students in developing their business communication skills at the very outset of their degree to ensure success in the semesters that follow. BUSS1900 is a non-fee, non-credit weighted unit. All commencing undergraduate students are enrolled in BUSS1900 but have the option of withdrawing following a mandatory waiver test. The test is conducted during Orientation Week (O Week) preceding the start of each semester. Following the waiver test, if a student's response indicates that they will benefit from additional support in their first semester they will remain enrolled in BUSS1900 and their timetable will provide the details of their weekly 1.5 hour workshop. These classes will provide students with assistance in academic writing, analysing, summarising, referencing, quoting and paraphrasing. Results have shown that regular attendance at BUSS1900 workshops improves substantially student's pass rate in their other units through improved academic writing skills.