2014 Unit of Study

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Business Placement C (Internship)
UoS Code BUSS3100
Credit points 6
Offered Semester 1, Intensive April, Intensive February, Intensive January, Intensive June, Intensive March, Intensive May, Semester 2, Intensive August, Intensive December, Intensive July, Intensive November, Intensive October and Intensive September
Prerequisites For Bachelor of Commerce (and all combined courses administered by the Business School): 48 credit points, including 5 x junior core units; For Bachelor of Commerce (Liberal Studies): 48 credit points, including 2 x junior core units
Assumed Knowledge
Additional Information Permission is required to enrol in this unit. Please contact the Business Programs Unit for details: business.studentsupport@sydney.edu.au
Lectures Wks 1-4: 1x 3hrs class per week; Wks 5-12: 3 1/2 days a week internship; Wk 13: 1 x 3hr class
Assessment learning contract (0%), work learning journal (20%), placement presentation (15%), and research report (65%)
Description This unit is designed to consolidate students' knowledge and skills in business while conducting an internship in industry. The unit is structured around three assessed tasks which are designed to allow students to demonstrate their ability to apply and synthesise business concepts in a real world setting. During the internship, students may be involved in a variety of different industry and client-based projects, which will afford the opportunity to apply business skills and theories from prior learning. This will provide firsthand experience of how these skills and theories can support the solving of business problems in a real business context, identifying opportunities, developing strategies and designing processes, procedures and management practices in order to enable an organisation to fully realise its competitive potential. Further information and application process is outlined at http://sydney.edu.au/business/study/opportunities/industry_placement_program