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2015 Unit of Study

The session(s) below are for 2015. For Summer School 2015 unit of study availability please visit the Summer School website (main Summer session January/February 2016).

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Firms, Markets and Business Management
UoS Code BUSS5001
Credit points 6
Offered Semester 1 and Semester 2
Prerequisites None
Prohibitions ECON5001 or ECON5002 or ECON5003 or ECOF5010
Assumed Knowledge
Additional Information
Lectures 1x 1.5hr lecture and 1x 1.5hr seminar per week
Assessment case analyses (45%), class participation (15%) and final exam (40%)
Description This unit provides students with the tools to understand the impact of economic, socio-cultural, institutional, and technological factors on businesses' operations. Such considerations are crucial to understanding and solving the major problems and challenges facing the world today, such as global warming, poverty, development, and recession. They are also extremely useful for understanding how businesses make decisions and interact in the marketplace. The first part of unit provides an introduction to microeconomic and macroeconomic analysis and applications. In microeconomics we look at economic decision-making by individuals and firms and the determination of prices in different kinds of markets. In macroeconomics we consider determination of the aggregate level of economic activity (GDP and inflation), the economic effects of government policies, and the link between interest rates and exchange rates and the level of economic activity. The economics in the unit is complemented by developing an understanding of the complexity of professional behaviour and ethical decision making. The final part of the unit investigates the social, cultural, institutional and technological environments in which firms operate. It examines theories, models and conceptual tools that help us understand and make decisions in relation to these factors.