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Unit of Study

Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods
UoS Code BUSS7902
Credit points 6
Offered Semester 1 and Semester 2
Prerequisites None
Prohibitions BUSS7903
Assumed Knowledge
Additional Information For MPhil and PhD students only.
Lectures 3 hrs per week
Assessment research ideas (qualitative) (15%), research report I (quantitative) (30%), self-assessment of research report I (5%), research ideas (qualitative) (10%), discussion leadership session (15%), research report II (qualitative) (25%)
Description This unit is intended to introduce PhD students in the University of Sydney Business School to two streams of techniques for research. The first stream (Quantitative Analysis) provides students with a review or introduction to the types of quantitative analysis techniques that they may be required to know, discuss or conduct, both during their PhD and in their future working lives. This stream aims to provide a basic training with a focus on statistical and business analysis methods. The skills taught in this stream are considered important for all PhD candidates to possess, both during and after their candidature. Students learn the different methods that can be applied to both continuous and discrete data. The second stream (Qualitative Analysis) introduces students to a broad range of philosophical approaches to research. Students also discover the practical implications for the research design accompanying each of the approaches. This stream introduces a broad range of interpretive approaches to research. Students learn to choose a methodological approach that is appropriate for particular interpretive research enquiry, keeping in mind the epistemological \\\'fit\\\' with the research question. This stream also helps students understand the practical implications of adopting a particular methodological approach.