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Unit of Study

Advanced Quantitative Methods
UoS Code BUSS7904
Credit points 6
Offered Semester 1 and Semester 2
Prerequisites None
Prohibitions ECOF7904
Assumed Knowledge BUSS7902
Additional Information For MPhil and PhD students only.
Lectures Workshop, once a week, 3 hours per class
Assessment data analytics problem 1 (25%), data analytics problem 2 (25%), data analytics problem 3 (25%), data analytics problem 4 (25%)
Description This unit provides students with an introduction to advanced quantitative analysis techniques that they may be required to know, discuss or conduct, both during their PhD and in their future working lives. The unit is divided into four segments. The first segment reviews basic quantitative methods covered in BUSS7902 before considering issues around estimation and forecasting. Focus then switches to approaches for dealing with repeated measures including panel estimation methods and time series analysis, before consideration of ANOVA techniques and analogous non-parametric methods. Consideration is then given to the most widely used multivariate methods including factor analysis, multiple discriminant analysis, cluster analysis and structural equation modelling. The final segment covers categorical and discrete choice data analysis covering both the theory and practice of designing choice experiments and conducting sophisticated logit modelling applications. The unit covers both the theory and application of the various techniques with hands-on lab-based sessions and assignments crucial to the quality of the learning experience.