2014 Unit of Study

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Corporations Law
UoS Code CLAW2201
Credit points 6
Offered Semester 1 and Semester 2
Prerequisites Any four full semester first year units of study including CLAW1001.
Corequisites None.
Prohibitions CLAW2001.
Assumed Knowledge It is assumed that students have a general understanding of: (i) the Australian legal system; (ii) the nature of the general law and statute; and (iii) introductory contract law and negligence.
Additional Information
Lectures Two hours of lectures and a one hour tutorial per week
Assessment mid semester tests (40%), tutorial work and participation (10%), and final exam (50%)

Companies are an integral part of our business environment. All participants in the world of business have dealings with companies - whether as employees, clients, customers, directors, shareholders, creditors, debtors, suppliers, vendors, consultants or professional advisers. This makes it essential to have an understanding of the legal nature and characteristics of companies and the manner in which their activities and management are regulated. In this unit, the legal "life cycle" of a company is examined along with a comparison of companies to other business entities. The ways in which important activities undertaken by companies are regulated are explored including: entering contracts, raising funds, issuing shares, paying dividends. Consideration is given to the duties and obligations the law places upon those who manage companies, and the consequences which may result from any breach of those duties and obligations. The position of companies in financial difficulty and the final stages in the life cycle of an insolvent company are also addressed.