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Unit of Study

Entrepreneurship and Innovation
UoS Code IBUS3103
Credit points 6
Offered Semester 1 and Semester 2
Prerequisites 48 credit points of units
Assumed Knowledge
Additional Information Students enrolled in the combined Law degrees are able to complete this unit in their third year of enrolment (full-time).
Lectures 1x 1.5hr lecture and 1 x 1.5hr tutorial/lab class per week.
Assessment take home assessment (25% - part 1 10% & part 2 15%), individual report (20%), in class assessment (25%), group presentation (15%), business plan (15%)
Description Successful entrepreneurship requires knowledge of several key business processes and is ideally learned by actually starting a business. In this unit of study, you will learn the business processes and concepts that will help you becoming an entrepreneur. Working towards a pitch and a business plans the most effective way to master many of the critical skills and concepts of entrepreneurship since it simulates, to a degree, real world processes. During this unit, you will learn how to investigate customer needs and markets to generate an innovative idea for a start-up. Then, you will participate in the realistic simulation of the creation of a start-up from the best student-submitted ideas to develop these ideas into a business model. All students will join a team that will remain together for the entire duration of the unit and will create and pitch sections of a business plan as well draft the final complete business plan for their company. The unit will bring together the skills you have acquired across multiple disciplines of study and will require your active participation as you work towards raising funds for starting your business.