2014 Unit of Study

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Intellectual Property Management
UoS Code IBUS6014
Credit points 6
Offered Semester 1
Prerequisites None
Assumed Knowledge Assumed knowledge: IBUS5002, or completion of at least 24 credit points
Additional Information
Lectures 1x 2hr lecture and 1x 1hr seminar/wk
Assessment Individual assessment (30%), group assignment (15%), group presentation (15%), and final exam (40%)
Description Intellectual property (IP) represents the¬ property of an individual's mind, intellect, and proprietary knowledge.¬ There are a number of means of¬ protecting IP, including patents, copyright and¬ trademarks.¬ ¬ Creating IP does not necessarily mean¬ an individual own the rights to use it, as most forms require individuals to take formal steps to¬ register their IP and obtain the legal rights of ownership¬ (both in Australia¬ and internationally).¬ ¬ This unit covers aspects including the concept of IP, how to identify and¬ protect it in a local and international context, creating the¬ conditions to¬ encourage and leverage IP in a commercial context, how to manage a portfolio of¬ IP, and enforcement scenarios. The unit concentrates on how to utilise IP to¬ create, control¬ and exchange value, with particular attention paid to the¬ practice of open innovation.