2014 Unit of Study

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BIS Innovation, Transformation & Change
UoS Code INFS6020
Credit points 6
Offered Semester 1
Prerequisites None
Assumed Knowledge Understanding the major functions of a business and how those business functions interact internally and externally so the company can be competitive in the market is essential in order to critically analyse how and where a business can be innovative, transformed and changed. Knowledge of how technology can be applied in a business is also essential.
Additional Information
Lectures 1x 3 hr seminar per week
Assessment Individual research assignment (10%), individual problem-based assignment and presentation (50%), group problem-based assignment and poster (40%)
Description This unit is structured around a semester long business innovation project. The project will consolidate learning from prior Business Information Systems units, integrate learning from other units of study in the degree, and extend knowledge, skills and capabilities to contribute to business innovation, transformation and change. The project allows students to demonstrate their ability to critically synthesise and apply BIS tools, methods, models and frameworks with cross-disciplinary business analysis, communication and research skills. The overarching capability is to prepare a full business case for innovation to address a business problem or to seize a business opportunity. Knowledge and skills will include critical analysis of business problems in an organisation, specification of requirements, identification of options and the creative design of practical, technology-enabled business innovations to implement selected options. The business case will also include planning for project implementation, management of change, risk management and evaluation of project outcomes.