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Unit of Study

Logistics and Supply Chain Project
UoS Code ITLS6090
Credit points 6
Offered Semester 1 and Semester 2
Prerequisites ITLS5000 or TPTM5001
Corequisites ITLS5200 and ITLS6002 and ITLS6003 and (ITLS6004 or ITLS6008) and (ITLS6001 or ITLS6101 or TPTM6440).
Prohibitions TPTM6170
Assumed Knowledge
Additional Information This is the capstone unit for the Master of Logistics and Supply Chain Management and should be completed in the last period of study.
Lectures 7 x 3.5 hr progress report meetings
Assessment group preliminary project report (20%), group presentation (20%), group final project report (40%), final exam (20%)
Description This capstone unit consolidates and integrates the knowledge and skills that students have gained in the Master of Logistics and Supply Chain Management program. Taken in the last semester of study, the unit provides students with the opportunity to explore real world and/or scenario?based logistics and supply chain management problems and to reinforce competencies in the area of their interest and expertise. The projects are assigned to students based on their experience and professional needs in one or more of the following areas: design and planning of global supply chains, supply chain risk analysis and mitigation strategies, sustainable logistics and supply chains, performance measurement and management, warehouse and inventory management, production planning and control, strategic procurement, and supply chain challenges facing Australian businesses. Students manage the project investigation and carry it to completion within a specified time period and to a professional standard. Through the project, students identify the problems and existing bottlenecks, explore the potential solutions to these problems, critically analyse the situation, document their progress, communicate findings with their mentor and other students, reflect on their learning, and prepare a formal project report describing the work performed as well as the resulting conclusions and recommendations.