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2015 Unit of Study

The session(s) below are for 2015. For Summer School 2015 unit of study availability please visit the Summer School website (main Summer session January/February 2016).

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Public Transport
UoS Code ITLS6104
Credit points 6
Offered Semester 1
Prerequisites None
Corequisites ITLS5100 or TPTM6241
Assumed Knowledge
Additional Information
Lectures 12 x 3.5 hr interactive sessions, 1 day field trip. Refer to timetable for full details.
Assessment News diary (20%), critical literature review (40%), take home exam (25%), field trip report (15%)
Description Public transport is of central importance for the future sustainability of modern cities. Understanding the complexities of, and potential solutions using public transport means this unit is of significance to all areas of transport, urban planning, public administration and passenger logistics. The unit investigates the different characteristics of public transport systems as a basis for creating a framework to analyse public transport performance. Within this framework the unit considers topics relevant to an understanding of public transport operations and the role of public transport in the overall transport 'offer'. Focussing on the issues and impacts of public transport on urban centres and for rural areas, the unit builds an appreciation of the importance, the drivers and the problems of achieving efficient operation of transport systems. The role of the institutional framework and the financial environment are explored with key learning for public transport operations and policy identified to explain explaining why countries/states have different levels and types of public transport. The unit provides an interactive environment to explore issues and takes current day policy concerns as case study examples. A field trip in Sydney highlights and consolidates issues considered in the unit.