2014 Unit of Study

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Traffic and Mobility Management
UoS Code ITLS6105
Credit points 6
Offered Intensive July
Prerequisites None
Prohibitions TPTM6360
Assumed Knowledge
Additional Information
Lectures 8 x 3.5 hr lectures, 4 x 3.5 hr computer laboratory. Refer to timetable for full details.
Assessment Individual reports (50%), presentation (20%), in-class exams (30%)
Description Road traffic and related congestion problems have existed for many years across a range of cities around the world. It is clear that just building new road infrastructure is not the solution. Instead, attention has focussed on the more effective management of managing travel demand and existing traffic, such that the current infrastructure is more efficiently utilised. Understanding traffic flows is essential in managing traffic. This unit provides a basic understanding of traffic flow theory and how to influence traffic operations and impacts by means of traffic control, mobility management, and information provision. Students acquire knowledge of traffic flow theory and traffic operations in urban and motorway settings. Traffic management strategies (such as traffic controls), travel demand and mobility strategies (such as road pricing), and traveller information strategies will be discussed in detail, as well as their impacts on traffic conditions, emissions (important for climate and health), safety, and noise. The unit also gives students access to traffic management solutions using specialised traffic simulation software used by governments and consultants. Students will be able to experience traffic management by driving in simulators in the new driving simulation laboratory.